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Accredited Creative Curriculum

Big Bang Academy is the only HK-based STEAM programme that is STEM.orgaccredited. Our structured science curriculum aligns with curricula around the world (including Hong Kong General Studies, Cambridge Assessment Science, NGSS US, Singapore Science, and the IB)

We work with teachers to provide children a chance to learn science interactively, in and outside of the classroom.

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Malvern Colleague HKHarrow International SchoolDSHKSt. Hilary PrimaryFrench International School HKABC PathwaysMagart SchoolPodsPo Kok SchoolCMSMalvern Colleague HKHarrow International SchoolDSHKSt. Hilary PrimaryFrench International School HKABC PathwaysMagart SchoolPodsPo Kok SchoolCMS
CMS and Big Bang Academy

Catholic Mission School

Catholic Mission School is a long term user of Big Bang Lab, we provide a full school subscription of the e-leanring platform and science experiment boxes to their 500+ P1-P6 students. The package includes unlimited access to Big Bang Lab, bilingual science vocabulary glossary, key learning point revision sheets for students and lesson materials for teachers.

We also partner with Catholic Mission School and researcher from University of Cambridge to conduct an academic research regarding the effectiveness of hybrid learning in the context of science education.

Calling for Gifted Little Scientists

Introducing Project Alpha, where we select elite students to join our 6-month accelerated training programme (incl. lessons, experiment projects, workshops, exhibitions) to become top scientists and leaders of the new generation.

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Summer STEAM Camp

Join one of the best multi-disciplinary STEAM Camp in Hong Kong!

With 6 locations all over Hong Kong and 4 science theme including Sports Scientist, Chemistry Magic, SpaceX Explorer and Eco Protector. You can always find your favorite Science Camp here!

Let's have fun experimenting!

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Malvern College HK Workshop
Malvern Colleague HK

Malvern College HK

We provide STEAM after-school classes for 100+ students from Malvern Primary school and Kindergarten.

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Magart International Kindergarten
Magart School

MAGART Kindergarten

We hosted multiple open days with fun and age-appropriate experiments for pre-schoolersat MAGART Kindergaten, attracting over 500+ participants.

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Dalton School HK

Dalton School HK

We partner with Catholic Mission School to provide 500+ students yearly exclusive access to Big Bang Lab to supplement science learning.

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We also partner with companies 🤝

Good experiences are worth investing in - we would love to contribute and enrich your customer journey.

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Hand It To Us

It’s a lot of work organising STEAM activities. Our comprehensive curriculum will ensure the best STEAM learning experience for your students.

Extra-curricular Activities

After-school classes for K1-P4 that combine scientific mindset training with hands-on experiments. Our holistic curriculum covers all aspects of the sciences.

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Events Day

We know STEM days or open days are important to your school. We can co-create a memorable and unique event for student and parents with science experiments they have never seen elsewhere

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Big Bang Lab

Big Bang Lab Package

Big Bang Lab is a hybrid learning platform that can help reduce teacher’s preparation time for hands-on science activities. We offer standard Big Bang Lab subscriptions with special discounts and bundles for groups and schools.

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