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Big Bang Academy

配合年級發展主題 或 建議學習範疇制定「動手做實驗」的活動

Calling for Gifted Little Scientists

Introducing Project Alpha, where we select elite students to join our 6-month accelerated training programme (incl. lessons, experiment projects, workshops, exhibitions) to become top scientists and leaders of the new generation.

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Summer STEAM Camp

Join one of the best multi-disciplinary STEAM Camp in Hong Kong!

With 6 locations all over Hong Kong and 4 science theme including Sports Scientist, Chemistry Magic, SpaceX Explorer and Eco Protector. You can always find your favorite Science Camp here!

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Big Bang Academy's Partner Schools

Hong Kong
International School

香港國際學校聯乘Big Bang Academy 為校內學生提供長期課程支援,由Big Bang Academy 的導師到校提供一站式教學方案。

As one of the best international schools in Hong Kong, HKIS is delighted by the all-around curriculum design by Big Bang Academy.  Throughout the term of Big Bang Academy’s ECA, students get to explore topics related to all six major life science pillars, including chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, ecology, and engineering.

Christian Alliance S. Y. Yeh Memorial Primary School

宣道會葉紹蔭紀念小學作為Big Bang Academy 的合作夥伴之一,學生透過線上E-Learning platform, 配合線下課堂學習基礎科學知識, 以創新混合學習模式打破傳統學習框架。Big Bang Academy的課程亦包括提升學生的公開演講能力,他們也可以在課程的畢業典禮上展示他們在各方面的進步。

As one of the ECA collaborating partners, CASYYMPS finds value in Big Bang Academy’s Hybrid learning module - on top of weekly in-person hands-on experiment classes, students also utilize Big Bang Academy’s self-developed online learning platform – Big Bang Lab, where students get access to lots videos, stories, and game that is related to life science, all made in Hong Kong by Big Bang’s in the house production team. CASYYMPS also finds value in how Big Bang Academy’s classes practice students’ public speaking ability where they get to showcase their progress on public speaking skills during the program’s graduation ceremony.

Sha Tau Kok Central Primary School

沙頭角中心小學在2022-23學年3月份舉辦了以實驗形式學習的英語 STEAM 活動,由Big Bang Academy 的教學團隊到校,為全校學生提供科學實驗套材料及教導學生。

STKCPS held English and experimental-based STEM activities during the 2022-2023 academic year. The event was taught by Big Bang Academy’s professional teaching team, providing an experiment kit for every student in the school.

SKH Crown of Thorns Church Kwai Chung Kindergarten
聖公會荊冕堂葵涌幼稚園是Big Bang Academy的ECA 課後活動用家, 以中文教授K2 - K3 年級的學童。透過Big Bang Academy 的專業課程發展人員編寫了全系列的化學及生態學的課程予學生在課室

SKH Crown of Thorns Church Kwai Chung Kindergarten is one of Big Bang Academy’s Extra Curriculum Activities users. Big Bang Academy conducts chemistry and ecology hands-on experiments classes for K2-K3 students in Chinese.

Catholic Mission School

天主教總堂區學校是 Big Bang Lab 的長期用戶,我們為 500 多名 P1-P6 學生提供電子學習平台和科學實驗套裝的完整校園訂閱計畫。計畫包括 Big Bang Lab 的使用權、雙語科學詞彙表、學生的溫習功課和教師的課程教材。 就天主教總堂區學校的用例,我們更與劍橋大學的研究人員合作,就混合學習在科學教育層面的有效性進行學術研究。

Catholic Mission School is a long term user of Big Bang Lab, we provide a full school subscription of the e-leanring platform and science experiment boxes to their 500+ P1-P6 students. The package includes unlimited access to Big Bang Lab, bilingual science vocabulary glossary, key learning point revision sheets for students and lesson materials for teachers.We also partner with Catholic Mission School and researcher from University of Cambridge to conduct an academic research regarding the effectiveness of hybrid learning in the context of science education.

Pui Kiu College
培僑書院在2023學年內為小一及小四學生分別訂立了以天文學和物理學為學習主題的活動。與Big Bang Academy 聯乘打造了全日活動予10班共320多名學生動手學習科學。

Pui Kiu college had intergrated Big Bang Academy’s interactive and hands on STEM Day into their 2023 science curriculum learning. Big Bang Academy hosted 10 different classes serving over 320 students in p1 and p4, providing fun and educational experiments on Astronomy and physics.

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