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We offer workshops and events that create great opportunities to build communities. Designing alongside your vision, we bring families together with a meaningful session full of joy and learning.

Prenetics Workshop

Prenetics Bio-Tech Scientist Leadership Workshop

To nurture the next generation of scientist and inventors in Hong Kong, we hosted the first-ever immersive Bio-tech Scientist Leadership Programme in partnership with Now TV and Prenetics, a Global Bio-tech Unicorn Start Up/creators of CircleDNA. Over 80 students and parents had the unique opportunity to visit a real and operating bio-tech science lab! Our STEAM instructors also led simulations and games to demonstrate how viruses and germs spread. Students got to perform diagnoses, interact with virus samples and even make their own mask!

Summer STEAM Camp

Join one of the best multi-disciplinary STEAM Camp in Hong Kong!

With 6 locations all over Hong Kong and 4 science theme including Sports Scientist, Chemistry Magic, SpaceX Explorer and Eco Protector. You can always find your favorite Science Camp here!

Let's have fun experimenting!

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K11 Workshop

K11 Junior Racing Academy with Benz

In collaboration with K11 Musea & Yummeplay, we have hosted our first Mercedes-Benz x Engineering workshop where students learnt about the structure of racing cars and how cars accelerate to a super high speed in a short period of them.

Lenovo Workshop

Big Bang Lab Exploration with Lenovo Laptops

Cross collaboration between our Big Bang Labwith Lenovo’s new product launch of child friendly screens and laptops. Children got to experience hybrid learning with interactive lessons and games on Big Bang Lab coupled with an LED experiment to learn about electricity.

Hong Kong Science Museum Workshop
Consulate General of France in Hong KongHong Kong Science Museum

BRAINstorm with Science Museum

To celebrate the French Science Festival in Nov 2021, we collaborated with the Hong Kong Science Museum and Consulate General of France HK to conduct the [BRAIN]STORM Workshop and teach kids everything about the brain. More than 120 kids have experienced this one-of-a-kind workshop.

big bang academy one month free pass

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LeeGardens Workshop

Art Lab at HK Museum of Art

To accompany the Renaissance exhibition held at HKMoA, we hosted “The Corlourful Art Chaos” workshop combining messy chemical reactions with creativity. Over 100 families created their very own colourful art pieces!

LeeGardens Workshop

Lee Garden FurryTales Carnival Workshop

Lee Gardens hosted “FurryTales” celebrate the bond between humans and animals. We curated a workshop for children that uses their newly acquired engineering knowledge to build a robotic hamster for their pets!

HSBC Virtual Workshop

HSBC Virtual Christmas Workshop

In the Christmas of 2021, Wayfoong Sports Club invited Big Bang Academy to conduct an online STEAM family workshop for their employees. Parents and kids used the engineering and air pressure concept to build their own Christmas snowball launcher.

Your Hybrid STEAM Learning Hub Partner

We are your one-stop-shop STEAM educational partner for your employees and customers.

Tailor-made STEAM Event for Families

We work with your team to design unique STEAM events for your employees or customers. Our educators will deliver the most memorable events covering favourite science themes such as dinosaurs, space, detective, chemistry experiments and many more!

Big Bang Lab

Hybrid Learning: Big Bang Lab Package

Learning can happen anytime, anywhere. Our innovative e-learning web platform and experiment kits enable kids to learn effectively at home. Contact us and purchase with a corporate bundle discount.

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