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Inter-school Student Leader STEAM  Public Speaking Contest 2024

Shaping a Carbon-Neutral Future through Innovative Technologies

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In September 2023, Hong Kong was hit by severe weather, including typhoon Saola and unprecedented rainfall, which forced school closures on consecutive days. Climate change has already impacted students' everyday lives. 

To equip students with the confidence and ability to mitigate the effects of climate change, we should empower our future generation with scientific literacy, technological problem-solving skills, and most importantly, the ability to advocate for policy changes. By leveraging the power of public speaking and engaging in cross-sector collaboration,  Big Bang Academy believes that students can join hands to drive significant systemic change in sustainable development amidst the global crisis.


The Inter-school Student Leader STEAM Public Speaking Contest 2024, coupled with the Green Leadership STEAM Training Program, aims to empower students to become environmentally conscious future leaders, who can not only develop innovative solutions but also lobby for resources from diverse stakeholders. Therefore, they could join hands to lead Hong Kong to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


Upper Primary students could choose either theme to advocate for changes:

The use of smart agriculture to maintain yields of crops in extreme weather

The use of artificial intelligence transportation in a smart city

Program Structure



Investigate science and technology concepts of hot topic


Project-Based Learning

Conduct hands-on experiments and utilise data in assigned projects to address real-world climate issues


Tech Company Excursion

Visit tech companies to interact with industry experts



Encourage students to draw research conclusions with data

Real-world Context

Empower future leaders to tackle issues in the 21st century

Start-up Role Model

Expose students to real-world technology leaders to fuel their passion in the industry

Cambridge Exchange

Broaden champion group's horizons through the Cambridge tour


Eligibility: Grade 4 to Grade 6 students from international and local schools

Fees: $1,000 per school team (a group of a maximum of three students)

Requirement: Students should use micro:bit and micro:bit-centered kits to develop their prototypes. Kits which are not coded and operated by micro:bit  such as Lego SPIKE Prime and Vex Go  are not acceptable.‍

Champion Award: 9-day, 8-night STEAM Exchange Program to The University of Cambridge.
The highlights include:
- An exclusive opportunity to explore cutting-edge science laboratory at Cambridge
- A remarkable chance to exchange ideas with renowned professors and outstanding STEAM students at Cambridge 
- A formal hall dinner experience at one of Cambridge’s colleges

Other Awards:
1. First Runner-up
2. Second Runner-up
3. Most Innovative Solution Award
4. Best Presentation Award
5. Best Prototype Award
6. Best Team Award

‍‍Judging criteria:
STEAM Knowledge & Solution (30%)
- Presentation Skills (30%)
- Prototype (20%)
- Team Spirit (10%)
- Q&A Performance (10%)



Nov 2023 - Mar 2024

Student Participation in Green Leadership STEAM Training Program


25 Mar 2024

Application Deadline for Inter-school Student Leader STEAM Public Speaking Contest 2024


Early-April 2024

Announcement of Finalist


28 Apr 2024

Grand Final Contest & Winter Announcement


July 2024

Champion Group’s 9-day-8-night Exchange Program to The University of Cambridge 

Briefing Session

Supporting Organization

Terms and Conditions

1. The submission must be original. The group will be disqualified from the competition and forfeit prizes if there are any violations.
2. Each entry can only be submitted once.
3. Participants must ensure that their entry has not been publicly published or participated in other competitions or events in any form or channel.
4. The shortlisted works, school and participants' names, and brief descriptions will be available for the public.
5. The organiser reserves the right to interpret, explain, and modify the competition regulations.
6. The organiser has the authority on the competition results.
7. All prizes and awards are non-transferable.
8. All completed entry forms and project proposals must be submitted by the deadline. Any late submissions will be considered as withdrawal from the application or competition.

Let's join hands to lead Hong Kong to a better future!

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