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One-Year Accelerated Science Programme

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World Class Exclusive Experience

Project Alpha is a tech-enabled Immersive Science Programme with exclusive events such as visiting AI robot companies, having one-on-one dialouge with NASA engineers, excursion to no.1 iPad App Headquaters and more!

Why Should You Join Project Alpha?

Enjoy 100+ exciting hands-on experiments with a structured and challenging international curriculum
Exclusive STEM Companies Excursions
Train your children’s presentation and public speaking skills in a large-scale science fair
Eligibility for Project Alpha STEAM Public Speaking Competition. The top 3 winners will get a sponsor for the University of Cambridge Study Tour!

Who is Project Alpha best for?

Your Achievements Are Recognized

Quarterly Teacher Report with personalised feedback
End of term assessment to evaluate progress
Internationally Recognised STEM.ORG certificate of completion


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最深刻嘅係Project Alpha畢業典禮時,學校校長都有嚟睇小朋友做嘅science fair搵咗好耐俾初小嘅資優科學課程,做完assessment後面覺得對小朋友係科學嘅潛能了解,所以就參加了。


Issac (7 years old, St. Joseph's Primary School)
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Jefferson (6 years old, Canossa School (Hong Kong))
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我個女好鍾意Project Alpha。會自己主動要求上平台睇片,做實驗,仲要做埋 report。好開心可以發掘到佢自學嘅一面。做完實驗嘅相可以擺入portfolio報學校。


Louisa (5 years old, Marymount Primary School)
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I am so proud to see Katy presenting what she has learnt about her favourite science topic Human Body in front of so many people. Don’t think I have the courage to do that as an adult. She told me now she’s more certain about being a doctor when she grow up. Thanks Team big Bang.


Katy (7 years old, DGS)
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Tung Kiu媽媽

Tung Kiu (5 years old)


Project Alpha is supported by MIT Innovation Node and Cyberport

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Big Bang Academy is awarded Forbes 30 Under 30

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【尖子創業】90後劍橋畢業生創網上STEAM學院 盼改「死讀書」風氣培養科學家思維

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How to Join Project Alpha?

Project Alpha selects the top students in Hong Kong with high ability and potential in science.


Through school nomination


Through completing a Gifted Science Ability Test ("GSAT") on our Admission Day

*The Gifted Science Ability Test scores students on scientific knowledge and motivation to learn.

Project Alpha Admission Day Sign Up

**GSAT 測試優異成績學生將直接取錄Project Alpha
只剩7個名額!9月30日前報名可享early bird 優惠 15% OFF.

Project Alpha Admission Day (GSAT) Sign Up

**Students with excellent GSAT scores will be invited to join Project Alpha Cambridge competition programme

您好,感謝報名Project Alpha招生日(GSAT)

參加考試費用: $288

1) Click here for PayMe Payment:
2) Click here for Credit Card Payment:    
3) FPS ID: 167919687        

請提供成功過數版面截圖,以確認你的出席名額 。如有任何查詢,歡迎與我們聯絡。  


1. GSAT 資優科學能力測試 ✏️
2. 小組活動- 體驗自製電子魔杖實驗
3. 家長講座介紹 Project Alpha 劍橋比賽課程
4. 小朋友STEM強項分析報告 (根據筆試和小組表現)

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