Utilising hybrid methods to enhance science learning

Making the best of out-of-classroom time to supplement learning

Learning in times of a pandemic is a challenge for students and educators alike. Online learning has made effective teaching and engaging students more difficult than ever before.

As a school that values holistic development of their students, Catholic Mission School (CMS) is keen on providing its students with resources that enhances their learning experience. In times of remote learning, the school decided to partner with Big Bang Academy to assist their students with our hybrid science-learning solution - Big Bang Lab.

💻  Virtual STEAM Day

Originally held in-person, Big Bang Academy hosted an online STEM day for CMS due to COVID-19. Combining our interactive, bite-sized videos on Big Bang Lab with pre-packed experiment kits delivered to students’ doorsteps, we delivered a seamless offline-to-online experience, catering to students of different age groups with a variety of level-appropriate topics (i.e. p.1 students learnt about optical illusions while p.4 students learnt about electricity and circuitry).

The event was well received by students, parents and teachers alike. Throughout our collaboration, we couldn’t help but feel that the school really values their students’ science and STEAM education. For starters, the school had a dedicated STEAM class that covers knowledge outside of General Studies. Secondly, the school was eager to adopt new and innovative pedagogies, such as hybrid learning through Big Bang Lab. We are glad to see schools t hat value science education as much as we do and are willing to teach out of the box.

🎓  Hybrid Learning Effectiveness

To further improve students’ hybrid learning experience, we collaborated with the school and researchers from the University of Cambridge to put the efficiency of Big Bang Lab to the test. Over the course of the summer holiday, we tasked a group of students to complete a range of topics (human body, electricity, amazonian ecology) on Big Bang Lab and provided them with the respective pre-packed experiment materials. Another group of students were tasked to learn the same topics, but through traditional books and an online quiz.

The two groups of students had taken tests before the summer holiday and after to measure and compare their attitudes towards science, scientific thinking skills and mathematical and science knowledge. The full research is aimed to be published by the first quarter of 2022.

🧪Big Bang Lab in the classroom

Many teachers appreciated how Big Bang Academy acted a one-stop STEAM education provider - our comprehensive curriculum gave them many options to choose from, and our supply of prepackaged teaching resources (from powerpoints to experiment materials) saved them a great deal of time and effort.

Moreover, Big Bang Lab as an online platform give students new ways of learning science in the classroom. Teachers at CMS could implement a flipped classroom approach - an innovative pedagogical method where students will learn at home through Big Bang Lab and discuss and compare their takeaways in class - to enhance students’ attitudes towards learning.

📈 500+ Students and Growing

After our successful collaboration on both the virtual STEAM day and research, CMS has fully committed to our hybrid science-learning solution. We are proud to provide all 500+ CMS students with a subscription to Big Bang Lab along with its experiment materials for the 2021-22 school year. With a shared vision, both Big Bang Academy and CMS strive to provide students with the best science learning experience possible.

👍 Key Highlights

  • Hosted virtual STEAM day for Catholic Mission School
  • We provided students access to Big Bang Lab, our hybrid science learning platform along with pre-packed experiment materials
  • We conducted research with students to evaluate Big Bang Lab’s efficiency in teaching science
  • 500+ students enjoy year-long access to Big Bang Lab and its experiment materials
  • We continue to collaborate and provide CMS with science learning resources

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Maison Li

Maison is a content writer at Big Bang Academy. An avid proponent of educational innovations, Maison strives to showcase the latest science learning solutions to the world.