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We create unique and joyful science experiences that your child won’t get in school classrooms.

Our best-in-town weekend workshops and excursions are packed with interactive demonstration and hands-on experiments. Rest assured your child won’t leave empty-handed!

Upcoming Workshops

Summer STEAM Camp

Join one of the best multi-disciplinary STEAM Camp in Hong Kong!

With 6 locations all over Hong Kong and 4 science theme including Sports Scientist, Chemistry Magic, SpaceX Explorer and Eco Protector. You can always find your favorite Science Camp here!

Let's have fun experimenting!

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Upcoming Workshops

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The Tiger's Secret (Jan)

Celebrate the year of the Tiger with science! Bond with your child with hands-on experiments like paper cup fireworks and DIY firecrackers and learn all about states of energy. Suitable for children aged 3 - 9.


Valentine's Day Metaverse (Feb)

A special way to say I love you ❤️ Join our 75 mins workshop and make a 3D heart shaped hologram for your little valentine in the Metaverse!

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FoodTech (March)

Did you know meat can be made from plants🤯? Learn about bio-meat and how to grow lab-based meat! You also get the chance to act as little journalist to interview Norma Chu, CEO of Daydaycook, leading food-tech start up in Hong Kong.

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Calling for Gifted Little Scientists

Introducing Project Alpha, where we select elite students to join our 6-month accelerated training programme (incl. lessons, experiment projects, workshops, exhibitions) to become top scientists and leaders of the new generation.

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Host Your Own Workshop

A special occasion calls for a special event. We design personalised and unique science workshop just for you!

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