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Project Alpha Admission Day - Free Gifted STEAM Assessment
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We create unique and joyful science experiences that your child won’t get in school classrooms.

Our best-in-town weekend workshops and excursions are packed with interactive demonstration and hands-on experiments. Rest assured your child won’t leave empty-handed!

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Summer STEAM Camp

Join one of the best multi-disciplinary STEAM Camp in Hong Kong!

With 6 locations all over Hong Kong and 4 science theme including Sports Scientist, Chemistry Magic, SpaceX Explorer and Eco Protector. You can always find your favorite Science Camp here!

Let's have fun experimenting!

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Big Bang Academy Christmas Camp 2021

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The Tiger's Secret (Jan)

Celebrate the year of the Tiger with science! Bond with your child with hands-on experiments like paper cup fireworks and DIY firecrackers and learn all about states of energy. Suitable for children aged 3 - 9.


Valentine's Day Metaverse (Feb)

A special way to say I love you ❤️ Join our 75 mins workshop and make a 3D heart shaped hologram for your little valentine in the Metaverse!

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FoodTech (March)

Did you know meat can be made from plants🤯? Learn about bio-meat and how to grow lab-based meat! You also get the chance to act as little journalist to interview Norma Chu, CEO of Daydaycook, leading food-tech start up in Hong Kong.

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Calling for Gifted Little Scientists

Introducing Project Alpha, where we select elite students to join our 6-month accelerated training programme (incl. lessons, experiment projects, workshops, exhibitions) to become top scientists and leaders of the new generation.

Learn More about Project Alpha

Approved and Loved by Parents & Kids

Testimonial Image

Thanks to Big Bang Academy guiding Lynette on the fruitful STEAM journey. 😀👍😎


Testimonial Image

Adrian enjoys doing Big Bang experiments! Besides following the instructions, sometimes he thought and tried something different from the experiments, sometimes worked, sometimes failed. Thank you for selecting Adrian as the star of the month in August. I will take this opportunity to encourage him to "feel free to present himself."


Testimonial Image

Hau Hau joined the program for almost 2 months. She enjoys doing experiments and watching funny videos. She wants to explore more and more in the future. Thanks for organizing this fantastic program!


Testimonial Image

Thanks again team for designing the experiment series and fostering a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere. 👍


Testimonial Image

We really appreciate Big Bang Academy's effort in arranging such a large-scale event which provided a valuable platform for the children to share about their learning in public. My son’s confidence and interest in learning has sky rocketed since!!

Jerry's parent

Testimonial Image

I am so proud to see Katy presenting what she has learnt about her favourite science topic Human Body in front of so many people. Don’t think I have the courage to do that as an adult. She told me now she’s more certain about being a doctor when she grow up. Thanks Team Big Bang for the Project Alpha Program.

Katy's parents

Testimonial Image

The experiments can ignite Torres’s sense of curiosity with science. Torres enjoyed a lot.


Testimonial Image

Thank you so much Big Bang Academy. Austin has enjoyed all the experimental boxes and workshops with you! We are seeing great improvement in his scientific knowledge after joining your program. :)


Testimonial Image

Really appreciate how Project Alpha created a space for Lucy to develop and shared her interest in science, she became more confident and willing to seek answers by herself after Term 1.Look forward to seeing her changes in Term 2!


Testimonial Image

Yes,  she could absorbed the knowledge quite quickily as it is interesting, she herself sticked to the wall and said that is adhesion and hug me tight and said that is cohesion

@Ying Ying Chan

Testimonial Image

Thank you💕Lucas loves the experiments so much this time. He can naturally use some science words to explain the experiment and able to connect the dots in his daily life. Like mentioning evaporation when we r having hotpot’s 😂😂😂 he tried to put different liquids in the freezer to test if they can be frozen too!🤣

Vivio Szeto

Testimonial Image

Yes, we do and we also love to watch the videos you provided _ They are informative and interesting. They are easy for us to follow the experiment steps and watch whenever we want. We really appreciate your great support in learning, thank you

@ Yi Lo's parents

Testimonial Image

Thanks to the Big Bang Academy team! Dax always enjoys learning from all the videos, experimental tools and workshops.

@daxchan0403 @kennethlion

Testimonial Image

Charlotte has always been enjoying the experiments every month and she would try to do them on her own!


Testimonial Image

Micah enjoys doing experiments and he’s so excited when the new experiment box reaches us! It’s great to learn with fun!


Testimonial Image

We attended two excursions to Prenetics and Rice Robotics and really enjoyed the experience. It was a lot of fun for kids and parents alike, with learning opportunities to both groups. We loved exploring science in a fun way!

Christine Chow's parents

Testimonial Image

We are very glad that we have enrolled our boy to the Project Alpha by Big Bang Academy! We have been really happy with the science classes that our son has been taking so far. The experiments and online teaching have been really fun and educational--our son can now go on to understand chemistry or astronomy!


Testimonial Image

Mason Julian Chan and his little brother Julius now understand what is oobleck !! They enjoyed the experiment a lot. They explored the 2 states of solid and liquid :)

Mason's parents

Testimonial Image

Super fun and interactive STEAM Kit. Filled with activities and games. For sure this will keep the kids busy for a few days and I can retreat to my hot bath now ->

Maisy's parents

Testimonial Image

My son couldn’t wait about the experiment kit every month and ask me few times when would the kit arrive. Once he got it, he opened it at once. He has enjoyed the experiments so much and said the workbooks are the most interesting ones he has even gotten.



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