Do you know why sportsmen can jump further and run faster than us? Of course, their hard work and perseverance are the main factors. But have you wondered about the science behind athletic performance?

Secrets behind athletic performance

We can explain the concepts behind three scientific aspects: biomechanics, nutrition and physiology.

As for biomechanics, it considers the interaction between players, equipment and environment. For example, scientists may use ergonomics to optimise desk and chair dimensions to support proper body postures and joint alignments.

In terms of nutrition, nutritionists will look more than weight to determine athletes’ health. Personalised dietary plans are developed to ensure proper nutrient ratios and hydration as these also contribute to their weight.

Regarding physiology, understanding players’ body structures allows sports scientists to design targeted training programs. For instance, Olympic weightlifting is a well-known method to increase vertical jump height for vertical jumpers.

How do scientists design personalised training routines and prevent injuries?

Sports scientists may team up with professionals like doctors and psychologists to design the best training scheme. They may apply advanced sports technology like high speed cameras to collect athletes’ data. Another major factor is related to injury prevention. This is designed to avoid unnecessary injuries that athletes may encounter when exercising.

Fun facts about technology on sports science?

  • VR Training

Athletes can practise their skills and certain scenarios in a safe environment before applying in reality.

  • Robotic Trainers

Robotic equipment can provide personalized training tailored to athletes.

Who are benefited from sports science?

Serena Williams, one of the greatest tennis players in the world, used sports science to enhance her strength. For example, in 2015, she drank a cup of coffee in the middle of a competition, which contributed to her victory. This is because caffeine has muscle glycogen sparing properties that reduce consumption of glycogen.

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