How To Learn STEM Online? The Best Activities in 2024

The top 6 online STEM activities of 2022

Online learning is the new trend — even as schools open up again, many still incorporate elements of online learning in their lessons.

Online learning is flexible, interactive and effective, that’s why teachers like using online tools and platforms to teach! But with a subject like STEM that requires a lot of hands-on activities, is it possible to learn it online?

With the myriad of online resources on the web, the answer to that is an absolute yes! We’ve put together a list of the best online STEM activities for you to try!

What is STEM?

On paper, STEM is defined as a subject that combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In practice, these four areas work closely together to empower the innovations we see in modern society. For example, newly invented machines need unique software to operate, which is backed up by mathematics and scientific principles.

In recent years, Art and Reading have been added to create STREAM — design thinking plays an important role in creating innovations, and reading enhances comprehension skills of individuals! 

At the end of the day, STEM is all about connecting different subjects. Unlike traditional learning, the purpose of STEM Education is to equip students with problem-solving and critical thinking skills to become adaptable individuals!

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Reference: Thimble

The benefits of online STEM activities

Benefits of learning STEM online

Online STEM activities are interactive, flexible and fun! Beyond that, it equips kids with valuable skills that empower them to succeed.

1. Play and learn

Kids learn what they enjoy best, and who doesn’t enjoy playing? Online STEM minigames such as virtual experiments or simulations are educational and attention-grabbing, which is great for distracted kids nowadays!

2. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is the centre of STEM learning activities! Online STEM simulations can immerse kids in imaginative scenarios, encouraging them to come up with creative solutions to solve different problems!

3. Critical thinking

With online STEM activities, kids become the teacher and the student! They are not spoon-fed knowledge, but have to actively seek things to learn and solve problems by clicking around! This helps them gain a deeper understanding of materials and encourages them to think logically and critically.

4. Project-based collaboration

STEM is all about collaboration and teamwork. With Zoom and Google Meets, it’s easier than ever for kids to collaborate virtually to collaborate on projects! As they discuss and work with their peers, kids develop valuable communication skills that will prepare them for the future.

Reference: Thimble

Ways to learn STEM online

After learning the benefits of learning STEM, here are some great ways that you can learn STEM online!

1. Online readings

Gone are the days you have to go to the library when you want to read something new! Nowadays, there are plenty of online magazines and sites which kids can learn STEM from. Moreover, don’t worry about getting outdated information since many of these sites are updated regularly!

2. Online video lessons

Each child has a unique learning style — some learn better with visuals, an some learn better by listening. With animations, live infographics and demonstrations, online video lessons work well to accommodate their learning needs!

3. Science projects/experiments

Online learning does not mean hands-off learning! There are countless resources for hands-on STEM experiments that can be done at home! Other than that, kids can express their curiosity and conduct science projects that take them from making their own hypotheses to coming up with conclusions through experiments

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4. Interactive games

Who doesn’t like online games? Kids learn best in immersive environments — interactive online games and simulations challenge kids to think critically and solve problems. 

5. Virtual field trips

Online field trips aren’t just for lockdowns! With online field trips, you can visit faraway places without stepping out of your door, such as the NASA space station! Nowadays, museums and zoos are making their online tours more interactive, rest assured that you’ll enjoy an immersive experience!

Best Online STEM Activities

With so many options out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best online STEM activities that suits each kid the most.

1. Khan Academy

khan academy infographic

Khan Academy is an amazing free online learning platform that teaches coding, natural sciences and more! They offer a personalised progress dashboard that lets teachers, parents and students alike monitor their learning, encouraging them to progress and improve!

Suitable grade: Pre-K to Secondary 6

Learning format: Video lessons, practice exercises, animated videos, online reading

Reference: Khan Academy


NASA infographic

NASA has a huge range of educational activities for kids on its website. Not only do they have a wide range of topics (from space travel to nutritional science, you name it!), they also have many experiment project ideas and minigames to learn hands-on with!

Suitable grade: Primary 1 to Secondary 6 

Learning format: Projects and experiments, interactive games

Reference: NASA

3. Big Bang STEAM

Big Bang STEM infographic

STEM is taught best with hands-on experiments! Big Bang STEAM turns each lesson into an adventure, combining lively animation with cool science knowledge! Learn science with interactive games, quizzes and experiments with cute chipmunk scientists!

Explore Big Bang STEAM’s wide range of topics, sorted by age level and subjects, including:

⚡️ Electricity and Magnetism,

🔎 Forensic Science,

🦖 Dinosaur World,

🤚 Five Senses, and

😱 500+ more interactive science video adventures and hands-on experiments!

Grab a subscription and receive monthly experiment kits shipped to your door!

Suitable age: Primary 1 to Primary 4

Learning format: Animated video lessons, interactive games, projects and experiments

Reference: Big Bang STEAM

4. National Geographic Kids

Nat Geo Kids infographic

National Geographic Kids is all about show and tell! Learn all about natural sciences with videos of animals in their natural habitat and many fun minigames! The site also teaches other fun sciences, such as viruses, climate change and even rockets!

Suitable grade: Primary 1 to Primary 6

Learning format: Online reading, interactive games, video lessons, animated videos

Reference: National Geographic Kids

5. Smithsonian Science Education Center

Smithsonian science education infographic

From the world’s largest museum, the Smithsonian Science Education Center has a huge range of online STEM resources for kids everywhere to access! From designing lighthouses to where food comes from, it teaches science in a fun way with interactive games, video lessons and readings

Suitable age: Primary 1 to Secondary 6

Learning format: Online reading, interactive games, projects and experiments, video lessons, animated videos

Reference: Smithsonian Science Education Center

6. Codecademy

Codeacademy infographic

Codeacademy breaks down coding into digestible bites. Designed for professionals, kids can also dive into its huge catalogue of courses that covers almost all coding languages. 

Suitable age: Secondary 3 to Secondary 6

Learning format: Practice exercises, video lessons

Reference: Codecademy

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