Never too young for STEAM

Introducing STEAM at a kindergarten level

It’s never too early to introduce the world of science - this is a belief that MAGART International Kindergarten and Big Bang Academy both share. Science encourages children to be creative, curious and self-driven.

For this reason, we were honoured to be invited and host STEAM exhibits at 2 of the school’s campuses’ open days. We wanted to showcase the school’s commitment to shape their students to become curious learners through the sciences, through the power of experiments!

🧪 Science for Young Children

To ensure that they get the most out of their visit, we discussed with the school to find the most appropriate topics for young children. Children are naturally explanation-seekers, so we wanted topics that were simple but could be explained in detail. Most importantly, we wanted to show children that science was something fascinating that they could do with their own two hands.

🎰 Exhibits and Booths

In the end, we set up experiment booths with experiments that represents a science topic that intrigues children - volcanic eruption for the acid & base reactions, tornado-in-a-bottle for natural disasters, “magic sand” for states of matter etc. Interested families could conduct these experiments with the guidance of our instructors, while some children conducted these experiments while their parents were attending seminars hosted by the kindergarten.

We also set up a booth for Big Bang Lab where children could try out our very own hybrid science-learning platform. Our adventure-based lessons broke down abstract science concepts into digestible chunks to children to easily understand, while hands-on experiments that accompany each lesson physically reinforced their learning.

📈 200+ Students and Growing…

The open days turned out to be quite successful. Parents, children and teachers alike enjoyed our hands-on approach while teaching science. Over 200 children got to conduct experiments, try out Big Bang Lab as well as receive a trial pack to the platform. Teachers also endorsed our unique combination of learning and fun hands-on experiments.

We are looking forward to our ongoing partnership with MAGART International Kindergarten to host STEAM workshops at their campuses for both students and non-students.

👍 Key Highlights

  • Hosted STEAM booths at MAGART International Kindergarten’s open day
  • Introduced concepts such as acid & base reactions, natural disasters and states of matter through hands-on experiments
  • 200+ students accessed our experiences in different ways
  • Working to host STEAM workshops at their campuses for students and non-students

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Written By

Maison Li

Maison is a content writer at Big Bang Academy. An avid proponent of educational innovations, Maison strives to showcase the latest science learning solutions to the world.

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