Leveraging Children’s Curiosity for Education

The Design of Science Camp revealed

It is encouraging to find schools that values STEAM education as much as we do.

Malvern College Hong Kong (香港墨爾文國際學校), an affiliate of Malvern College in Malvern (UK), wholly embraces learning science through experimentation and discovery. Similar to us, we both emphasise hands-on experiments to inspire a spirit of inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving skills within children.

Being notable advocates for STEAM education, Big Bang Academy was honoured to host the summer camp for students at Malvern College.

⛺️ Camps about Chemistry, Space and Engineering

In summer 2021, we hosted three week-long camps focusing on different aspect of science — Chemistry (The Forensice Science Camp), Space (The Mars Relocation Camp), and Engineering (The Doctors vs Engineers Camp). To ensure teaching content is age appropriate, each camp was divided into 3 groups for students at different age (aged 3-5, aged 6-8, aged 9-12).

Among the three, our most well-received camp was surrounding forensic sciences, a subject that uses science to solve crimes in real life. Our campers had the opportunity to study and explore Bone Structures, Fingerprints, Cryptology. Through unique experiments like Blood Splatter Analysis and interacting with Luminol, campers got a taste of the work real investigator experience firsthand. Moreover, we introduced Miss. Winsome Lee, a Forensic Anthropologist & Human Bone Specialist from the University of Leicester to share her experiences working in such niche field.

🧒 Leveraging Children’s Curiosity for Education

We specially crafted a few elements to campers’ learning experience more special. Firstly, we immersed campers into forensic science with realistic crime scenes and scenarios. Camper could then properly apply and reinforce what they’ve learnt into practice. Furthermore, these scenarios challenged students to be creative and critical in approaching problems, inspiring them to become curious learners.

It is worthy mention that, in our general curriculum, we introduce scientific thinking skills with topics that you cannot find in a school curriculum - We carefully choose topics that kids relates to and are naturally interesting. We believe that through leveraging children’s natural curiosity and interests, we can make education more interesting for both teachers and students. We truly believe that this is how education should be done for everyone.

📈 200+ Students and Growing…

With our innovative, thoughtful approach, we were introduce campers to science fields that were unbeknownst to them. Over 200+ students joined our camps, all of them gaining precious knowledge and experiences that they wouldn’t get in the classroom.

We are looking forward to our continuous partnership with Malvern College and its kindergarten to provide STEAM ECAs for students aged 3 to 12.

👍 Key Highlights

  • 200+ students joined the Malvern College summer camp
  • Invited 4 guest speaks (Forensic Anthropologist, Astrophysicist, Pilots) to have live conversations with students
  • In the discussion to provide ECA classes for the school’s upcoming term (2022)

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Written By

Ivy Chan

Ivy is the product lead at Big Bang Academy. Using her knowledge in psychology and design, Ivy brings innovative science learning experiences from the drawing board to real life for kids.

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