10 Ways To Learn STEM With DIY Science Kits

When it comes to teaching kids STEM as parents, DIY STEM kits can be a blessing. STEM experiments usually require a lot of special materials. I mean, where can you even find citric acid or copper tape in a normal household? 

Beyond that, the range of topics STEM kits cover is huge! From chemistry to architecture to cooking, there’s always a STEM kit that’s right for your child. Here’s why you should get a DIY STEM kit.

How to learn STEM with DIY kits?

STEM is a great subject to learn. Well, it’s actually four subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) combined into one and teaches kids how they each work together in our daily lives! With its many hands-on experiment projects, it also equips kids with powerful problem solving and critical thinking skills!

DIY STEM kits are great because they have all you need for a good lesson! With materials and learning points provided, parents will only have to facilitate as kids explore freely on their own!

Other than that, STEM kits also let kids learn hands-on. This means they’re able to gain a deeper understanding of concepts and 

DIY STEM kits come in all shapes and sizes. Some kits focus more on a specific subject within STEM. A general rule of thumb is to pick according to your child’s interests — there’s no right way to start your child’s STEM learning journey, so it’s best to make your kid interested in the subject first.

It’s also good to pick STEM kits that are appropriately challenging. This means that a 5-year old shouldn’t be messing with an advanced robotics kit made for 10 year-olds. At the same time, though, it’s okay to lean on the more difficult side as experiments that are too simple tend to bore kids.

With that in mind, we’ve created a list of DIY STEM kits and sorted them based on their suitable age and subject type and key concepts covered.  

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1. Discovery DIY Slime Kit

Discovery DIY Slime kit

Recommended age: 8+

Subject type: Science (Chemistry)

Key concepts: States of matter

It seems like slime is more popular than ever! What better than to be on-trend and learn about the different states of matter with this non-newtonian fluid? With its many components, the Discover DIY Slime Kit lets your child make slime creatively and safely at home.

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2. Gravitrax

Ravensburger GraviTrax

Recommended age: 8+

Subject type: Science, Engineering, Maths

Key concepts: Force and motion

Imagine a roller-coaster system with marbles as its passengers — that’s Gravitrax! Kids can have a blast exploring aspects of engineering design and physics by building complex track systems. With its expandable system, you can start with a starter kit and add on as you go!

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3. 4M Green Science Weather Science Kit

4M green science weather science kit

Recommended age: 8+

Subject type: Science (Environment)

Key concepts: Earth’s climate

The Earth’s weather patterns are changing rapidly due to climate change. The 4M Green Science Weather Science Kit gives you great value for money, with 6 fun experiments ( such as a water cycle model and greenhouse gas simulator) that teach kids essential knowledge about the earth’s climate!

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4. Shrinky Dinks Creative Pack

Shrinky Dinks Creative Pack

Recommended age: 5+

Subject type: Science, Art

Key concepts: States of matter

Creativity is also a big part of STEM! The Shrinky Dinks Creative Pack includes a transparent sheet for your kids to draw on, cut out and throw into the oven to create 3D ornaments! Bring their creative designs to life and use them as keychains, charms and more!

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5. Grow N’ Glow Terrarium Kit

Grow N' Glow Terrarium Kit

Recommended age: 6+

Subject type: Science (Environment), Art

Key concept: Earth’s geology

A terrarium is something like “earth-in-a-jar”. The Grow N’ Glow Terrarium Kit has everything needed for your kid to make a mini-ecosystem, with a glow-in-the-dark twist! Kids can understand the earth’s natural terrain while decorating their own ecosystem!!

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6. Old Nobby Organic Chemistry Model Kit

Old Nobby Organic Chemistry Kit

Recommended age: 15+

Subject type: Science (Chemistry)

Key concept: Molecular structures

It’s never too early to learn chemistry — we mean it! The Old Nobby Organic Chemistry Model Kit includes 3D molecular models that snap together to create different chemical structures. Kids can learn about basic chemical structures from an early age by building it themselves!

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7. Magical Mixing DIY Sensory Science Kit

Magical Mixing DIY Sensory Science Kit

Recommended age: 6+

Subject type: Science (Chemistry)

Key concept: States of matter

Slime is such a great sensory experience to capture kids’ attention, we’ve included it twice! With this kit, kids can make bouncy slime, squishy slime and even oobleck — all of which are non-newtonian fluids! This means it becomes thicker, more solid when you hit it, but runnier and more liquid if you touch it gently!

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8. Snap Circuits Kit

Snap circuits kit

Recommended age: 8+

Subject type: Engineering

Key concept: Circuit building

Gone are the days when you could only build circuits with wires, Snap Circuit kits make playing with circuits as safe and easy as a snap! Every kit comes with clear instructions to build different mini-machines, but your child is free to explore creatively on their own! With so many different and expandable kits, there’s always going to be a kit right for your little engineer!

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9. Jumbo Crystal Growing Kit

Jumbo crystal growing kit

Recommended age: 8+

Subject type: Science (Chemical)

Key concept: Crystallisation

Most of the earth’s precious crystals are formed over centuries under extreme pressure. With this Crystal Growing Kit, your child will be harvesting their own Crystals at home with the power of Chemistry. Plus, it makes for great decoration! (Did I mention that it glows in the dark?)

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10. Science Magic Kit

Science Magic Kit

Recommended age: 8+

Subject type: Science 

Key concept: Chemistry, physics

Who says magic and science can’t coexist? Learn to make a test tube disappear, change the colour of solutions and make it snow with this Science Magic Kit. With 20 experiments in total, you’ll be getting great value from your money while your child explores some thrilling science!

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Monthly STEM Kit Subscriptions 

STEM kit subscriptions are ultra helpful, too!

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, monthly STEM Kit subscriptions send you a kit with different experiments and projects every month. They’re great for kids who are super passionate about STEM, but also useful for those who are looking to explore the subject further!

Another way to think of monthly STEM kit subscriptions is to imagine them as at-home workshops held every month. Parents can spend some fuss-free quality time with kids to learn science with ready-to-use experiment kits and learning materials!

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