How to increase children’s learning motivation? Ten ways to enhance children’s learning motivation

Hong Kong's education is highly competitive, so improving children's learning motivation becomes a common concern for parents. When facing academic challenges, children often feel frustrated due to lack of motivation to learn. But through appropriate methods and strategies, parents can effectively help their children develop learning motivation and increase their interest in learning.

The significance of children’s learning motivation

Hong Kong students study for a long time. According to the "Overall Study Hours and Physical and Mental Health Status of Hong Kong Students" published by the Information Research Team of the Legislative Council Secretariat in 2018, the overall study hours of Hong Kong students at all levels averaged about 55 hours per week. If children lack motivation to learn, it will affect their academic results and mental health. Therefore, it is important to maintain children's positive attitude towards learning.

Learning motivation refers to the degree to which people are willing to spend time and energy on reading and learning. Children with low motivation usually lack interest in learning new knowledge, and have difficulty concentrating. Consulting psychologist Chen Zhiheng pointed out that learning motivation is the starting point of learning activities. Children who lack motivation rarely actively adopt learning strategies to improve their performance.

There are many reasons for a lack of motivation to study. Common reasons include not being interested in academic studies, not finding the meaning of learning, and struggling if they are not capable of getting good grades. These reasons can get children frustrated with learning, thereby reducing their motivation to learn.

Ten ways to improve learning motivation

  • Guide children to find fun in the learning process
    • When studying with children, parents can flexibly present the teaching materials, such as using real-life examples to prevent children being bored.
  • Keep a positive attitude
    • Parents should maintain a positive, mutually respectful and positive relationship with their children, and avoid punishing and lecturing their children when studying. This can reduce children’s learning anxiety, so they can maintain a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Reward children appropriately
    • Parents can reward children by allowing children to have practical goals to work towards. For example, if children study hard for one hour every day, they will receive small gifts. Through the reward system, this can help children establish discipline and self-control and learn to delay gratification.
  • Plan a schedule for your child
    • Parents can set studying schedules for children and limit the time they use electronic products to help them focus on learning, which also gives them ample rest time after studying.
  • Demarcate study area
    • It is important to provide children with a quiet area for learning. Parents should accompany and support children when studying, and avoid making noise around them.
  • Break down big tasks into smaller tasks
    • Children have low concentration ability, so parents can break down large tasks into smaller tasks that are easy to complete, and mark the parts that should be completed each day on the calendar, which can help reduce children's learning pressure.
  • Take the initiative to understand your child’s anxiety
    • Parents should communicate with children to understand why their children get anxious. If they realize that their children are afraid of learning due to academic anxiety, parents should improve children's learning plans and establish a more appropriate learning structure to reduce stress.
  • Don’t get too involved in your children’s schoolwork
    • Many parents are often worried that children will not be able to complete their homework, so they will help their kids complete their homework. In fact, parents should not complete homework for their children but let them take responsibility for learning.
  • Adjust teaching materials according to children's level
    • If teaching materials are not in line with children's abilities, they will feel frustrated when studying. Parents should choose materials that suit children’s level so that they can have a greater sense of accomplishment.
  • Demonstrate the joy of learning by example
    • Parents should play the leading role. For example, they can read in front of their children or accompany their children to demonstrate the fun and importance of learning.

Big Bang Academy helps improve children’s concentration time

Improving children's learning motivation does not happen overnight and requires parents' continued attention. The most important thing is to be patient, believe in your child's ability to improve gradually, and provide continuous support and encouragement in the process.

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