General Questions

Stimulate the Intrinsic Curiosity of the Little Scientists

All kids are scientists in nature and they are curious about the world around them. They often ask creative questions such as why is the sky blue, how do planes fly and what is inside my body etc. We believe that it is crucial to advocate the intrinsic curiosity of kids and guide them professionally to explore the answers together by doing fun and hands-on experiments.

A Solid Foundation for Better Future Academic Development

American education research association showed findings that 62% of students who have limited exposure to learning science in kindergarten will struggle with it in P3/ Grade 3. The research even showed that 54% of those students still struggle with learning science until F2/ Grade 8. It demonstrates how important it is for kids to have exposure in science as early as possible to lay a solid ground work to develop their academic capabilities in the future.

Be Future Ready and Embrace the Rising Demand in STEM-related Jobs

The National Association of Manufacturing and Deloitte reported that there will be 3.5 million of STEM-related job to be filled in the US by 2025, with more than 2 million of them unfilled due to the lack of highly skilled candidates in demand. The Randstad North America survey also stated 76% of students age 11 to 17 do not know what engineers do for work. It reflects the importance of learning STEM subjects early to get better prepared to cope with the future trend.

Children can start learning science as young as 3 years old and our curriculum is designed to suit for kids age 3 to 12. National Science Foundation Children (NSFC) researches showed that children who engage with STEM at an early age demonstrate a more rapid STEM fluency with maximized effectiveness.

It is also proven that the attitudes and involvement of parents and teachers are incredibly influential to the STEM learning of kids at early age. Hence, we encourage all parents to explore the STEM journey with your kids now as it is never too late!

We have different offerings, including both online and offline models, for parents, schools and corporates.

Parents Oriented 

  • Online Science Class
  • Weekend Family Workshop
  • Summer Camp
  • Birthday Party
  • Self-arranged Private Class

School Oriented

  • After-school ECA Science Class (in-person)
  • Open Day Activities

Corporate Oriented

  • Corporate Events
  • Charity Events

Our curriculum is original, student-centric and specifically designed to fit the needs of students in Asia. Not only it is developed by a team of profound scientists and educators, it is also inspired by the “Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)” which a vigorous structure and framework is followed. We adopt a “5 Levels, 6 Pillars & 7 Milestones” approach.

The 5 Levels

Five levels of difficulty to suit different age group of kids. We ensure the knowledge point, skillsets and activities are age-appropriate for all kids.

The 6 Pillars

Six different aspects of science including physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, astronomy and engineering are introduced, allowing our students to have a comprehensive understanding of how the world works.

The 7 Milestones

Seven key developmental milestones are being groomed throughout the entire learning journey. We enable our students to develop all-rounded scientific skillsets which support their life-long learning in future pursual.

All our teachers are bilingual or trilingual. They possess rich experience in early age education with a science or education degree from renowned universities worldwide.

Our classes are conducted in English. If you have any other language requirements, please contact our customer service at 6645-7709 for more details.

We offer classes to kids from 3 to 12 years old.

Online Live Science Class

  1. Buy the package deal on the acuity system which is valid for 30 days.
  2. Complete the payment according to the instructions on the confirmation page
  3. A confirmation email with the package certificate code should be received and you may press the “Schedule” button on the email to start the class enrollment
  4. Key in the package certificate code (it should pop up automatically) and select your preferred date and time of the classes
  5. Use the function “add a time” to select multiple classes simultaneously
  6. A class enrollment confirmation email with the unique zoom link of every class will be received.
  7. Prepare the materials prior the class and join the class punctually by accessing the zoom link.
  8. You may also register an account to access your personal details in one click

The package deal is valid for 30 days so you do not need to spend all credits in one go. For example, if you bought the 8-day package, you can pick any 8 classes in the system within 30 days.

For 3–4 years old online classes, we have a maximum of 5 students per class.

For 5-8 years old online classes, we have a maximum of 6 students per class.

For 9-12 years old online classes, we have a maximum of T.B.A

It is every Monday to Saturday with a different topic and experiment every day.

We accept bank transfer and faster payment (FPS). The payment details will be displayed on the confirmation page once the package deal is purchased

The age group are divided into 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12, with different level of difficulty.

Our classes for 3-4 years old is 40-minute long with 5 students maximum per class.

Our classes for 5-8 years old is 50-minute long with 6 students maximum per class.

Our classes for 9-12 years old is T.B.A

A software called “Zoom” will be used. The unique zoom link of the class will be sent to your email once the class enrollment is successful.

No. A material box, prepared by our team, will be shipped to your home only if payment is received 7 working days before the start of course. Otherwise, please arrange self pickup at our office.

We will specify certain materials to be prepared by the students, usually simple household materials which can be found at home such as water, cups, etc.

Please WhatsApp us at 6606-1595 if you are interested in trying out our online class before enrolment.

Weekend Family Workshop

We collaborate with a number of high-quality kindergartens to provide hands-on science workshops. Currently, we have presence in five locations for our family workshop during weekends. 

Taikoo Campus: Magart Kindergarten, Shop B UG/F, Park Vale, 1060 King’s Rd, Quarry Bay
TKO Campus: Maple Bear Canadian International Kindergarten, Alto Residences, Shop 7, G/F, 29 Tong Yin St, Tseung Kwan O
Sai Wan Campus: Mighty Oaks Kindergarten, 1/F, Lungga Mansion, 46A Belcher’s St, Kennedy Town
Whampoa Campus: Magart Kindergarten, Shop G3A, Site 7, Whampoa Garden, 9 Tak On St, Hung Hom
Happy Valley Campus: Top Creative Education Hub, 14 King Kwong St, Happy Valley

Weekend Family Workshops

Weekend family workshops with different themes every month are arranged over the weekends in different school locations. Please refer to the scheduling page for the latest arrangement and class availability.

Online Classes

Our online classes are arranged every day from Monday to Saturday. There are different time slots for different age range of kids. Please refer to our Online Science Class page for the latest arrangement and class availability.

A 1:8 teacher to student ratio is complied.

The family workshop is currently closed for enrollment due to the virus pandemic