Our Team

Sarah Tong

Sarah loves science and is a physics enthusiast. Her years of studying Engineering in Cambridge has impressed upon her the importance of a good education. She realized that her passion in science subjects has helped her developed an informed curiosity and a passion for learning. Sarah believes that science is for everyone and no one should feel excluded, even for early age children. With Big Bang Academy, Sarah wishes to redefine science as a fun and impactful experience.

Sarah has working experience in various industries including civil engineering and investment banking. Having worked in sectors that are traditionally underrepresented by women, Sarah thrives on being an advocate in empowering girls in STEM education and career.

Nixon Chan

Nixon has been passionate in science since a very young age when he was inspired how scientists in apocalyptic movies are always the ones who invent new solutions to save the mankind. Realising the world has been dramatically re-shaped by technology over the past decade, he believes the next generation could get future-prepared by developing an early interest in STEM and more kids would fall in love with science with Big Bang Academy.

Nixon holds a Bachelor Degree in Natural Sciences (Biological) from University of Cambridge and a Master Degree in Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing at The University of Hong Kong. Before founding Big Bang Academy, he also had working experience in various industries such as banking, leasing and railway.

Tim Cheng
Education Director

Tim has attended boarding school in the UK since he was 9 years old. He then moved on to study chemistry at University of Loughborough. Having studied both in the UK and HK, he has a great understanding of both educational systems. He realised there are flaws in the systems. In HK kids are rushed into the answer and forced to remembering things. We should focus on the journey to the answer and guide the kids into the destination.

Since returning back to HK, Tim has taught at two international kindergarten. As well as teaching, he has worked freelance on outward bound and taught at boarding camps both in the HK and the UK.

Roy Tsong
Marketing and Content Associate

Roy is an enthusiast in content creation, through the medium of photography, videography and graphics design. Studying Business Management in University of Exeter, he has been exposed to multiple business disciplines and have since developed the love for marketing, specifically digital marketing.

He hopes to create online educational contents on Big Bang Academy's social media platforms, such as short stories, interactive quizzes, science facts, etc, to allow children to engage in more learning, even outside of classes. He hopes to pursue in the field of digital marketing in the foreseeable future.

Wistaria Tsang
Operations & Administration Associate

Wistaria was first involved with the Company as a volunteer helping out in our Family Workshops, now joining the team as a full-time staff. She oversees the overall administration of the Company and provides support to after sales logistics and scheduling. She is also dedicated to enhancing the experience of our custom material box for every student in our online class.

Wistaria holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from UCLA and is currently acquiring a master’s degree in Media, Culture and Creative Cities at HKU. She believes that the understanding of Science is a fundamental factor no matter what disciplines you aspire to study in the future.

Our Advisors

Dr. William Lo
Business Advisor

• Founding Governor of The ISF Academy
• Advisory Committee Member – Cyberport
• INED & Chairman of Audit Committee - TVB
• Chairman - Junior Achievement Hong Kong
• INED of various listed companies in US & HK
• M.Phil. & PhD, Pharmacology and Molecular Neuroscience – University of Cambridge

Professor Winnie So
Education Advisor

• Over 30 years of experience in driving science education research in Hong Kong
• Professor - Department of Science and Environmental Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong
• Director - Center for Education in Environmental Science
• Advisory Committee - Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
• Convener and Founder - Large scale inter-school event ‘Primary STEM Project Exhibition’ since 1998
• Member of the Curriculum Development Council

Dr. David Yu
Science Advisor

• Lecturer - Faculty of Science of HKU
• PhD in Astrophysics from Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
• Programme Host - RTHK TV31 “Science Night” (五夜講場 – 真係好科學)
• Science Consultant - Stand News, Hong Kong
• Author of books “宙” (2019) and “星海璇璣” (2017)

Dr. Andy Lai
Science Advisor

• Scientific Officer – Hong Kong Observatory
• M.Phil. & PhD, Nuclear Energy Engineer and Climate Science – University of Cambridge
• Visiting Scholar – Max Planck Society, Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology
• Associate – Associateship Royal College of Science (ARCS)
• Fellow – Royal Metrological Society