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July - August 2024

STEAM Summer Camps 2024

Exciting STEAM Summer Camp 2024: Enroll Your Kids in Hong Kong's Premier Science Experiences for Ages 4-12

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Why Choose Big Bang STEAM Camps?

Learning through experiments

Let your kids discover the wonders of science through engaging in interactive, hands-on experiments.

Enhance language skills

With our highly qualified science teachers, kids can indulge in an English-speaking environment while exploring the fascinating world of science.

Personalized coaching

Teacher-student ratio of 1:8 ensures every kid could be catered to their unique needs and learning style.

Unleash creativity

Empowering the children with creativity and curiosity through scientific experiences, covering chemistry, physics, engineering, ecology, biology and art.

Cultivate passion in science

We tailored curriculum and age-appropriate content for kids from 4 to 12 years old, arousing their interest in science at an early age

Accredited certification

Your kids will receive a STEM.org certificate upon completion to validate their accomplishments and inspire future scientific endeavors

STEAM Camp Features

Hands-on Experiments, Everyday

DIY projects and workbook to be taken home, learning by doing

Small Class Size, Quality education

1:8 teacher : student ratio, highly interactive and engaging classes

Certificate and teacher report card

Detailed teacher report card and STEM.ORG accredited certificate

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Full-day Camp, Full Day Fun!

Individual STEAM prototype project with presentation training & hands-on science experiments

Ages 6 - 12

• Space x Engineering

• Robotics x Coding
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Ignite Curiosity with Half-day STEAM Camps!

1.5-2h STEAM workshops with immersive hands-on science experiments!

Ages 4 - 8

• Space x Engineering

• Physics x Sports
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Global Programme (Hong Kong) STEAM Tours

Expand your child's horizon with 5-day Archaeology and Biology excursions. Receive personalised reference letter from university educators!

Ages 6 - 12

• Archaeology x Tech

• Zoology x Paleontology
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Comparison Chart

Half Day Camp

Full Day Camp

Global Programme (HK)

Course Nature

1.5 -2 hours of daily STEAM experiments

Full day STEAM program

Daily STEAM excursion with university educators

Age of Kids

4 - 8 years old

6 - 12 years old

6 - 12 years old

Class Time

1.5 - 2 hours per day

Full day (09:00-16:00)

Full day (09:00-17:00)


Wan Chai, Tai Koo, Hung Hom

Wan Chai

University campus, museums, labs, outdoor fields etc.


Big Bang STEAM English teachers

Big Bang STEAM English teachers

Star professors & scholars from HKU & CUHK


Presentation Opportunity

Individual Prototype Projects

Approved and Loved by Parents & Kids

Testimonial Image

My daughter Mimi truly enjoys being part of the Big Bang Academy, she loves the hands-on experiments we do at home and so do I ! She also loves the new friends she has made during the group classes and excursions!


Testimonial Image

Thanks to Big Bang Academy team! We greatly appreciate the well-designed e-learning platform and ready-made experiment box. After taking the Project Alpha Science workshops, Jonas become more confident and willing to speak himself. Look forward to the next experiment workshop and material box!


Testimonial Image

Doing Big Bang experiments are a big treat to Venus. She is willing to finish her homework quicker just so she can watch Big Bang videos and do the experiments! Thank you Big Bang for all the fun and educational projects, and the teachers for making everything so exciting and fun for Venus!


Testimonial Image

Eden gets SO excited to receive his boxes from Project Alpha, and is so proud to put together his new invention every time. Thank you BBA!


Testimonial Image

Jolie enjoyed project alpha very much. Through different experiments, she found her interest and passion in science.


Testimonial Image

Thank you Big Bang for bringing so much fun and knowledge about Science to our home. Erik always enjoys doing the experiments and is proud to share with us his accomplishments. The Big Bang goggle, name tag and lab coat have brought him a sense of ritual whenever he does his experiments.


Testimonial Image

Clarice enjoys doing experiments and Project Alpha so much. She always looks forward to attending the workshops and wants to do the experiment immediately once she receives the monthly box. Also, the corporate excursions are amazing and can broaden her horizon!


Testimonial Image

We're very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Big Bang experience activity. Anders is also very interested in the work involved with each experiment box and has learned a lot of new knowledge from them.


Testimonial Image

My kid has learnt a lot of new things from Project Alpha! Looking forward to new stage!


Testimonial Image

Yu Heng enjoys doing experiments so much that he keeps asking when the boxes will be delivered! It's so joyful to see him learning science in a fun way, and Project Alpha has been an inspiring course that has enlightened Yu Heng to explore science related topics. He is going to join Level 2 soon and we are looking forward to it! I also plan to let my younger son join later too!


Testimonial Image

With Big Bang, Phoebe has developed her interests and enthusiasm in science. She has started to solve problems step-by-step and analyze issues in a more logical way.

@fat_kenny9 @sylvia_cogit

Testimonial Image

Ethan is always looking forward to receiving an experiment package, and he really enjoys the experiences of the online interactive videos and exercises. He has transformed from a little child who got excited about animations to someone who truly loves learning about science. As parents, we have a great time and are happy to learn together with him, which surely builds a strong parent-child relationship. Thanks to Big Bang for bringing such experiences to Ethan and us!


Testimonial Image

Harry loves Big Bang's box set experiments, videos, and classes. He asked why he couldn't have classes weekly instead of bi-weekly. He also applies what he has learned in daily life. He told me that a rectangular column has better loading ability than a prism shape after the "engineering workshop," and that's why we always see cylindrical columns. It's great to see Harry's enthusiasm for learning.


Testimonial Image

Hannah has been a part of Project Alpha since the junior phase, and I couldn't be more thrilled to see her passion for science blossom! The interactive videos have truly sparked her curiosity and made learning science a blast! She's obsessed with the creative experiments that can be done with just household materials! It's amazing to see her exploring and discovering the wonders of science right at home.Thank you, Big Bang, for nurturing Hannah's love for science and making it so accessible and exciting!


Testimonial Image

Thanks to Big Bang Academy guiding Lynette on the fruitful STEAM journey. 😀👍😎


Testimonial Image

Adrian enjoys doing Big Bang experiments! Besides following the instructions, sometimes he thought and tried something different from the experiments, sometimes worked, sometimes failed. Thank you for selecting Adrian as the star of the month in August. I will take this opportunity to encourage him to "feel free to present himself."


Testimonial Image

Hau Hau joined the program for almost 2 months. She enjoys doing experiments and watching funny videos. She wants to explore more and more in the future. Thanks for organizing this fantastic program!


Testimonial Image

Thanks again team for designing the experiment series and fostering a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere. 👍


Testimonial Image

The experiments can ignite Torres’s sense of curiosity with science. Torres enjoyed a lot.


Testimonial Image

Thank you so much Big Bang Academy. Austin has enjoyed all the experimental boxes and workshops with you! We are seeing great improvement in his scientific knowledge after joining your program. :)


Testimonial Image

Really appreciate how Project Alpha created a space for Lucy to develop and shared her interest in science, she became more confident and willing to seek answers by herself after Term 1.Look forward to seeing her changes in Term 2!


Testimonial Image

Yes,  she could absorbed the knowledge quite quickily as it is interesting, she herself sticked to the wall and said that is adhesion and hug me tight and said that is cohesion

@Ying Ying Chan

Testimonial Image

Thank you💕Lucas loves the experiments so much this time. He can naturally use some science words to explain the experiment and able to connect the dots in his daily life. Like mentioning evaporation when we r having hotpot’s 😂😂😂 he tried to put different liquids in the freezer to test if they can be frozen too!🤣

Vivio Szeto

Testimonial Image

Thanks to the Big Bang Academy team! Dax always enjoys learning from all the videos, experimental tools and workshops.

@daxchan0403 @kennethlion

Testimonial Image

Charlotte has always been enjoying the experiments every month and she would try to do them on her own!


Testimonial Image

Micah enjoys doing experiments and he’s so excited when the new experiment box reaches us! It’s great to learn with fun!


Testimonial Image

Alphonse joined Big Bang Academy since January 2023. He has been enjoying your program and the experimental models you provide.

Thank you so much!

Alphonse's parents

Testimonial Image

Mason Julian Chan and his little brother Julius now understand what is oobleck !! They enjoyed the experiment a lot. They explored the 2 states of solid and liquid :)

Mason's parents

Testimonial Image

Super fun and interactive STEAM Kit. Filled with activities and games. For sure this will keep the kids busy for a few days and I can retreat to my hot bath now ->

Maisy's parents

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