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The trial class contains a science ability test, DIY experiment workshop and show & tell practice..

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Can we survive inside black hole?

What materials conduct electricity in our daily life?

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Parent's review on experiments

We love to watch the videos you provided. They are informative and interesting. They are easy for us to follow the experiment steps and watch whenever we want. We really appreciate your great support in learning, thank you

Oi Sze Cheng
Kwan Yi Lo's parent

Sheldon loves the video and the experiments, they are all very interesting. Thank you so much

Yicky Yeung
Sheldon's parent

Super fun and interactive STEAM Kit. Filled with activities and games. For sure this will keep the kids busy for a few days and I can retreat to my hot bath now

Maisy's parent

Alysha finds it very amazing and in fact it’s her favourite experiment so far.

Leonie Lee
Alysha's parent

Karston find out more information of constellation after he finish the experiment box this month. It’s really can enhance the interested and their learning motivation. Thank you so much

Yoyo Lam
Karston's parent

She did the workbook too. She loves to watch Big Bang Videos

Angel Ip
Amiee's parent

Parent's review on excursions

Dary enjoyed the interactive activities that were included in the tour, which allowed him to get hands-on experience with the technology.

Dary's parent

The excursion was very informative and gave us a great overview of the robotics industry

Yicky Yeung
Kasper's parent

Daniel found it really fun and engaging. The staff was friendly and helpful. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Candy Chan
Daniel's parent

It was a great opportunity to learn about robotics and how it is used in everyday life. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and explained the different components of robotics in detail.

Charlotte Wong
Abby's parent

My son enjoyed the excursion at Farmacy. The farm was beautiful and the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We got to learn about the different types of plants

Andy Wong
Jason's parent

It was an amazing way to learn about sustainable farming practices and the hands on experiments were super interesting

Ruby Ko
Kelly's parent
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