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Founded by University of Cambridge graduates. Big Bang Academy is the only HK-based STEAM programme that is STEM.orgaccredited.

In 2020, we started with a workshop of 3 students and a dream. Ever since, we have seen exponential growth in clientele and coverage. With the launch of our online edutainment platform Big Bang Lab, we aim to inspire even more children to become curious life-long learners.

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Forbes 30 Under 30 - Asia - Consumer Technology (2022)

Big Bang Academy have reached over 10,000 children in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and have 4,000 recurring students and subscribers.

By teaching STEM subjects to children ages 3 to 8 through our app, online classes and in-person centers, we focus on making science fun, accessible and cool.

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STEM.org Accreditation
Global Edtech Start Up Awards First Runner Up
Most Outstanding STEAM Education Platform of The Year
GenT 2021 Leaders of Tomorrow
2021 Cyberport Incubation Programme

STEM.org Accreditation​

Global Edtech Start Up Awards - First Runner up

Most Outstanding STEAM Education Platform of​The Year ​

GenT 2021 Leaders of Tomorrow​

2021 Cyberport Incubation Program​

劍橋尖子建STEAM平台 吸百萬融資 炮製逾200短片 獲2000付費用戶

Startup Beat

劍橋尖子建STEAM平台 吸百萬融資 炮製逾200短片 獲2000付費用戶

混合(Hybrid)教學模式愈見流行,本港教育科技(EdTech)初創Big Bang Academy,今年5月推出STEAM(科學、科技、工程、藝術及數學)電子學習平台,提供逾200條與STEAM課程相關短片,配合自家製動畫及實驗,冀讓小學生快樂學習科學知識。

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【尖子創業】90後劍橋畢業生創網上STEAM學院 盼改「死讀書」風氣培養科學...

HKET / Topick

【尖子創業】90後劍橋畢業生創網上STEAM學院 盼改「死讀書」風氣培養科學...

魚為何懂得浮?甚麼是黑洞?哪裏可以找到恐龍蛋?小朋友對於世間事物充滿好奇,家長卻不一定懂得回答。兩位90後劍橋畢業生Nixon及Sarah,創立網上STEAM學院「Big Bang Academy」,提供六大科學範疇的網上課堂,為3至12歲的小朋友解答千奇百趣的科學難題。

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【 #MyClassWillGoOn 導師專訪】


【 #MyClassWillGoOn 導師專訪】

兩位畢業於劍橋大學🎓的 @BigBangAcademy 年輕創辦人——Sarah & Nixon,如何利用學院知識,讓你和 #小朋友 一起投入 #STEM 🧠活學世界? 🔎

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As science enthusiasts, we have been devoted to make science fun and approachable for children in the past year or so. Know more about our journey!

Our Story
Exclusive Interview with Cambridge Alumni
Magdalene College University of Cambridge

Exclusive Interview with Cambridge Alumni

"I left Cambridge with an Engineering degree for a career in investment banking; now I am the co-founder of a science academy for children as young as three years old!" -- Sarah, Co-founder

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【夢想本應翱翔@iM網欄】劍橋工程系女生投身科學教育 激發好奇心倡終生學習
HKET / iMoney

【夢想本應翱翔@iM網欄】劍橋工程系女生投身科學教育 激發好奇心倡終生學習

「Big Bang(大爆炸)」是解釋宇宙起源的著名理論,Sarah和劍橋校友Nixon Chan決定以此作為兩人合辦的科學教育機構名稱,頗為巧妙。

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Big Bang Academy x All About Money Interview

Big Bang Academy x All About Money Interview

#AllAboutMoney talks to co-founder Sarah Tong about how they're bringing their passion for science to kids virtually. Turns out, that was all along the business' long term vision anyway.

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With 6 locations all over Hong Kong and 4 science theme including Sports Scientist, Chemistry Magic, SpaceX Explorer and Eco Protector. You can always find your favorite Science Camp here!

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