Why Big Bang Academy?

Top Notch Curriculum

Our curriculum is inspired by the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS). It is original, student-centric and age appropriate.

6 Pillars of Science

We provide the most comprehensive early childhood science curriculum covering the six main pillars of science.

Make Science Fun Again

We adopt a multifaceted approach to introduce science via story-telling, play-based and hands-on activities that transcend the theory.

Confidence Builder

Every lesson with us is centered with at least one key experiment or mini-project that children can bring home after lesson. This will enhance student’s sense of achievement and confidence.

Top Teaching Quality

Our founders and instructors are all equipped with exceptionally strong STEM academic qualifications which set good role models for children.

Dressing like a Scientist

We provide lab coats, safety goggles and complete sets of experimental equipment to allow students to dress, feel and perform no difference to a real professional scientist.

Why Science?

Science Encourages Creativity

Experimenting requires trial and error. Kids learn that if something doesn’t work the first time, try it again.

Science Improves Communication Skills

Science is an opportunity to work with others. Your children will learn to communicate ideas in a respectful way, and set a common goal.

Science Develops a Love of Learning

When you discover something on your own, that thing has power. It resonates inside you, nurturing possibilities and opening doors.