Earth Science & Astronomy

Our Earth & The Moon

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In this certificate, your kids will be learning a wide range of science knowledge about our planet Earth and the satellite Moon. We will explore a series of interesting questions with hands on activities, such as “why is there day and night?”, “what is inside the Earth?” and “why is there different shapes of moon in different times of the year?”. #Spaceforkids

Availability (45 mins per class)

Series 1
10 Jun, 17 Jun, 24 Jun, 1 Jul, 8 Jul, 15 Jul (Weds)

4-5 years old
10am / 2pm
6-8 years old
3pm / 4pm
Series 2
20 Jul, 27Jul, 3 Aug, 10 Aug, 17 Aug, 24 Aug (Mon)

4-5 years old
10am / 2pm
6-8 years old
11am / 3pm / 4pm


🔬 HKD1,399 per student / HKD1,699 per student with material box  Whatsapp us at 6645-7709 to inquire about the experiment materials and sign up arrangements!
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