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🔎 6 lessons per course🔬

👦🏻A minimum of 3 kids per class👧🏻

📦A HKD350 worth material box is included in all courses📦

• Age 3-5: HKD2,099
• Age 6-8: HKD2,299
• Age 5-8 (Talented/Gifted): HKD2,699 – with pre-assessment questionnaire and one 15-min consultation for the kid
• Age 9-12: HKD2,499


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• Offer 1 – 2 courses signed up (10% off)
• Offer 2-  3 courses or more signed up (15% off)

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Referral discount – One off HKD250 cash coupon to the referrer for any ONE new client (New to BBA)**

*Buddy & Bundle (only one of the offers) can be enjoyed together.
**The new client has to enrol at least one course. The HKD250 will only be given once the referee has paid.

Olympic Athlete Challenge – Force & Motion (PHY01)

Ever wonder the physics behind different Olympiad sports such as diving, archery, paragliding etc? Come and find out the top winning tips with us!

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Harry Potter Adventure – Light & Sound (PHY02)

Welcome to the Harry Potter Academy! Here you will learn about the cool physics behind invisible cloak, echolocation and all sorts of optical illusion that trick your brain!

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Cirque du Science – Kinematics (PHY03)

What is the physics behind all the amazing circus stunts such as tightrope walking, trapeze and juggling? You will become the greatest showman/show woman after this course!

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City Architect – Civil Engineering (ENG01)

Building your own city from scratch is so much fun! You will light up your beautiful design in the last lesson!

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Formula 1 Designer – Transport Engineering (ENG02)

What are your favourite vehicles? Taxi? Police Car? Plane? We will build them all together in this course!

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Theme Park Carnival – Mechanical Engineering (ENG03)

Who would say no to a fun day at our favourite amusement parks? You will be designing and building your own carnival at home with big wheels, roller coasters and catapults!

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The Pokémon Show – Colourful Chemistry Reactions (CHEM02)

Do you know all of the Pokémons and their special powers? Join us on learning amazing chemistry reactions that mimics the characteristics of our favourite Pokémons!

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Detective in Action- Forensic Science (CHEM03)

In order to become top notch detectives and agents, you need to learn everything about Forensic Science first. Join us on this special detective training course to become the next Sherlock Holmes!

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The Periodic Family – Periodic Table & Elements (CHEM04)

The periodic table is the important dictionary for budding chemists to observe patterns and relationships between the elements. Join us on this guided adventure to explore about the periodic family!

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Dinosaur Park – History of Earth (ENV01)

Are Dinosaurs real? What do they eat? How did they go extinct and what are the evidence of their existence? Let’s become little palaeontologists in this course!

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The Animal Planet – Zoology (ENV02)

Calling all animal lovers! Are your children curious about the world of animals? Our course will cover the major animal kingdoms. Expect to learn about different aspects of Zoology in this 6 week long course.

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The Amazon Explorer – Botany & Zoology (ENV03)

Sometimes referred to as the ‘lungs’ of the Earth, the Amazon Rainforest is an incredible place filled to the brim with millions of diverse species. Little explorers are encouraged to join us to this exciting journey!

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The Blue Planet – Earth & Moon (AST02)

We will lead you through an amazing journey on planet Earth and guide you to the moon for more excitement!

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To Space and Beyond! – Astronomy (AST03)

Journey through space and learn how our planet, solar system, and universe work through an astronomical experience!

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Future Mars Project – Space Technology (AST04)

Could there be or have been life on Mars? Could humans visit the planet? Through Future Mars Project, we will learn about Mars exploration and create our very own Mars Rover!

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Human Body Adventure- Human Anatomy (BIO03)

Children are always curious about their own bodies and how do different organs work. This course is perfect for budding doctors who want to learn more about the human anatomy!

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War of Germs – Microbiology (BIO04)

Microbiology is actually a big part in Biology! Join this exciting course to learn about different types of germs and their characteristics; common ways infectious diseases are spread; and how do vaccines work.

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Terms & Conditions

• Adults to be present for age 3-4 classes

• Material box will be shipped to your home only if payment is received 7 working days before the start of course. Otherwise, please arrange self pickup at our office.

• If you do not opt for a full course, individual class purchase is HKD350. Discount, certificate and materials will not be provided.

• Certificate will only be awarded if you attend the full term (any 1 or more courses in series 1 + any 1 or more courses in series 2).

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