Welcome to Summer! For July we have a special treat on staying cool in this hot weather in Hong Kong.

In our July workshop, our little scientists get to turn into magicians and experiment with water in different ways to showcase beautiful magic! We have prepared three fun and hands-on chemistry experiments for children that involves water. These experiments are wonderfully visual and will definitely get your kids excited about science and Chemistry.

Experiment 1 –🧂 Salty Science – Salt Density Experiment

Why do objects float better in sea water? This is a cool variation of the float and sink experiment. We will learn about density with our magical floating egg. Expect your kid to acquire important scientific skills like observation, prediction, and numerical literacy after this fun experiment!

Experiment 2 – 🌈  Sugar Rainbow

Understanding density has never been easier or more visual! This is another colourful density experiment that your kids will love. Be prepared to train your children’s fine motor skills and persistence as this fun experiment for kid will require precision and perhaps some trial and error!

Experiment 3 – ⏰  Iodine Clock

Try this children friendly version of iodine clock experiment with materials you can find in your local pharmacy. We are 100% sure that you and your children will be wow-ed by this magic like Chemistry experiment. To conduct this children-friendly science experiment, we will provide safe household chemicals most people have on hand at home. Let’s make colour disappear on it’s own like magic!


July 5 (Sunday) - Sai Wan

July 12 (Sunday) - Taikoo & TKO

July 18 (Saturday) - Happy Valley

July 19 (Sunday) - Whampoa

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