Encouraging Girls in STEAM Education | Big Bang Academy

Many girls limit their own choices because of their own gender biases, they also believe that STEM is not suitable for girls. All of these ideas are heavily shaped by the girls’ families, schools, and society. Here we provide what parents can do to guide their aspiring young girls to develop their confidence in STEAM subjects.


生日派對還能增添新意?科學實驗派對讓孩子更難忘!|Big Bang Academy



STEM代表什麼?如何讓幼兒教育與科學打上關係 | Big Bang Academy

STEM 是四類學科的英文縮寫,它們分別是「科學」(Science) 「科技」(Technology)「工程」(Engineering)及「數學」(Mathematics)。在亞洲的教育體系中,STEM就是常說的理工科,與文商科相對。而較新的STEAM則加入「藝術」(Art) 的元素。


Top 3 Awesome TV Shows to Entertain Your Kids with STEAM

To prevent this quarantine from turning into cabin fever, we have to be creative when finding resources and activities for kids. If you are running out of ideas for stay-at-home activities, we have ways to make staying at home fun and educational for your kids!


Why your kid should get involved in STEAM?

STEAM education is more than just a trend, it’s a whole education system that encourages curiosity and provokes scientific thinking, eventually nurtures our future social leaders and creates positive impact and changes to the world. Here are a few reasons why you should get your kids involved in STEAM education!


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