⛔ Sorry, the Tiger's Secret workshop is cancelled.

Due to further restrictions of in-person activities by the Hong Kong Government, all in-person workshops will be cancelled.
Afraid of another boring lockdown? Don't worry — check out our CNY camps, held entirely online.

See Year of the Tiger Camp

The Tiger's Secret Workshop🐯

Tigers are the third of the Chinese zodiacs. According to legend, Tiger was confident that no one could compete with its speed and vigour for the celestial race that decided the order of the zodiacs. Kickstart the year by joining our CNY Workshop*

big bang academy workshop

Time for Bonding

STEAM workshops are good opportunities for family bonding and exploring the strengths and weaknesses with your child.

big bang academy workshop

Learn with Friends

Our workshops make for excellent social events with your child to hangout and meet friends while learning and experimenting.

big bang academy workshop

No Hassle!

All lesson materials will be provided and hosted by qualified STEAM instructors. Sit in and enjoy the experiments with no fuss!

Fiery Fireworks 🎆

Did you know? Energy can take on many forms — Apples and oranges contain chemical energy, rubber bands could carry potential energy and wheels on cars have kinetic energy.

What is kinetic and potential energy? How can something contain potential energy, and how is potential energy transformed into kinetic energy?

Join our Fiery Fireworks workshop to know all about energy as we prepare for Chinese New Year. Learn science with exciting experiments like Paper Cup Fireworks and the Foamy Dragon!

big bang academy workshopbig bang academy workshop
22nd January @ MAGART International Kindergarten & Nursery Whampoa
23rd January  @ ILK Learning Sheung Wan

Dragon’s Wrath

Did you know? If fire-breathing dragons from folklore existed in real life, their fiery breathe would generate as much as 3 million joules of energy and reach a temperature up to 2400 degree Celsius! That would be powerful enough to melt through steel!

How much energy do you think your dragon could generate? Celebrate Chinese New Year with our Dragon’s Wrath Day Camp and learn more about the states of energy with a various experiments! Mimic a fire breathing dragon with a chemical-based hydrogen-peroxide experiment and make DIY firecrackers with the power of potential energy!

big bang academy workshopbig bang academy workshop
Saturday 22 January @ MAGART International Kindergarten & Nursery Whampoa
Sunday 23 January @ ILK Learning Sheung Wan

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