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Hands-on STEAM curriculum designed to enhance kids' learning motivation and effectiveness

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Developed by University of Cambridge educators, supported by MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node and is aligned with Cambridge Primary Science.

Inspiring Excellence

Learning should be fun and rewarding! Big Bang STEAM raises grades by 40%* for science-related subjects.

*According to data collected from 2000 students of Big Bang Academy from 2020-2022

Learning By Doing

Master complex science concepts with hands-on experiments!

Receive two science kits monthly, shipped straight to your door.

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Science Experiments




Science concepts


Professional vocabulary

Hear what our students say

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“ Big Bang Curriculum is so much fun. I especially love the Dinosaur theme, I feel like I am having a time travel with the adventurer Nixon in the videos! My favorite experiment for the theme is vocanic eruption, I got a volcano model from the box and I can try out the experiment at my home!”
Caitlin Hutchinson

5 Years Old @ Malvern College Hong Kong

“ It was so much fun! I enjoy the experiment a lot. The video tutorial help me to understand the experiment more. Can't wait for the next curriculum kit!”
Caitlin Hutchinson

6 years old @ DGS

“ Lester has been having so much fun in the circuit experiment. Trust other participants have enjoyed it too. Thank you so much for preparing the video tutorials and materials as well as putting together the entire programme which is really educational and enjoyable! ”

7 years old @ DBS

Loved by kids community

big bang academy dinosaur box

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Our Yearly Science Curriculum

Enjoy 24 science projects, 150+ science topics, and 500+ science vocabulary based on your child's age and grade-level!
Introductory level
Water Magic
Five Senses
Dinosaur World
Newton Olympics
City Builder
Space Pirate
Intermediate level
Detective Mission
Human Body
Amazon Explorer
Captain Electric
Amazing Architect
Space World

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Frequently asked questions

About Curriculum

How is Big Bang STEAM unique?

Many educators offer important STEAM learning materials (such as workbooks, experiment boxes and online resources) separately. We believe that it takes away from students' learning experience and makes learning not as effective.

Big Bang STEAM offers students an all-rounded STEAM learning experience -- Students can learn online while they consolidate knowledge with hands-on experiments and workbooks, all of which we provide with no upcharge.

What is the scope of our curriculum? Will it clash with what my child learns at school?

Big Bang Curriculum covers six major pillars of science (physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, engineering and astrology) with a rich collection of 150+ science lesson. Since our curriculum is based upon and aligned with international curricula, it will not clash with what your child learns in science classes in school.

Is Big Bang STEAM very demanding?

No, your child will be able to choose what they want to learn, when they want to learn. This should not cause them any additional academic stress.

Since it is a self-learning programme designed for children, parents do not need to assume the position of a teacher. Rather, interact with them by asking prompting questions, or discuss with them the topics they've just learnt!

About Subscription

Is Big Bang STEAM sorted by grade level?

Yes, our comprehensive learning package is split into two grade levels: Introductory and Intermediate, suitable for children aged 5 to 8.

Enjoy 24 unique science experiments, 150+ exciting science topics and 500+ science vocabulary per level!

How will I receive the material box?

We will ship the material boxes with learning materials to the address you have inputted during registration. Please note that delivery times may differ, and overseas delivery will require an additional 5-10 days of travel time.

Material boxes will be shipped monthly and includes: two experiment kits, one workbook and one vocabulary book

Can I subscribe from overseas?

Yes, we support global shipping of our material box at an additional cost. You can access our online learning platform anywhere.

Is there a discount for first-time subscriber?

Yes! You can enjoy 55% off for your first month with discount code BBA1MONTH, now at $269. Regular charges apply onwards at $599/month.

Get more value with our:

- Half-year plan: $2874/six months, save $720 at 479/month!
- Yearly plan: $4308/year, save 2880 at $359/month!

Get an additional $600 off split both ways ($300 each) from our yearly or half-year plan by signing up with a buddy!

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Sad to see you go! You can cancel your subscription by logging in to our website.

Kindly note that you should cancel your subscription before 7:00 pm EST the day before your given billing date to make sure you don't get charged for another billing cycle.  You can also email us at least 3 days prior to your billing date to cancel your subscription.