Big Bang Lab

Big Bang Lab is a hybrid learning platform that turns science concepts into interactive and bite-sized adventure-based lessons for children.

Based on Big Bang Academy’s widely accredited curriculum, families can explore the sciences from the comfort of their homes!

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Why Us?

Our certified content turns abstract science concepts into fun and active learning experiences for children.

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Accredited Curriculum

Our curriculum is created in accordance to the Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS). We are the only HK-based STEAM programme that is accredited.

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Hands-on Anytime, Anywhere

Your child can learn science through our hybrid learning platform paired with our at-your-doorstep Experiment Boxes.

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Quality x Quantity

From Dinosaurs to Space (and more), your child can choose from our 500+ bite-sized adventure-based lessons to immerse themselves in their very own science exploration journey.

Our Episodes

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How To Get Started?

1. Start the Adventure

Sign up and subscribe to Big Bang Lab to start watching our 500+ story-based lessons.

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2. Pick a Box

Every lesson comes with an experiment. Pick an Experiment Box you like and get it shipped to your doorstep. Pick more if you want to.

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3. Experiment Time

Follow the lessons on Big Bang Lab and get your hands dirty experimenting!

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Experiment Box

Hands-on experiment is the key to learning science with Big Bang Lab.

Designed by educators and researchers, our experiment box provides unique experiment materials for your child to use alongside Big Bang Lab, shipped directly to your doorstep!

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Experiment Box Collection

Tap into our ever-growing collection of Experiment boxes, designed by experts and tested for kids.

Big Bang Lab Experiment Box

Dinosaur: From Birth to Extinction

Kids love dinosaurs. With this Dino Box, children will work on hands-on experiments to uncover the secrets of the Mesozoic Era.

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Big Bang Academy Experiment Box

Human Body: I Am Alive

Ever wonder how all our body parts work together to make us run, eat and survive? Discover the science behind our skeletal system, digestive system, heart and lung!

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Big Bang Academy Experiment Box

Electricity Power: How It All Begins

What is electricity and who discovered it in the first place? Learn everything about the electrical circuits, conductivity and static electricity with Captain electric!

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Upcoming Episodes

Our ever-growing collection includes topics from the Human Body, Space, Detective Mission, and more!

Big Bang Lab Episode

The Mysterious Solution

Oh no! The Ice Pop Kingdom is filled with chilli! Help us save Cody from the spice with a water filtration experiment. Kids will learn about water filtration and distillation.

Big Bang Lab Episode

Life Beyond Earth

Alan the alien is lost in the galaxy! Join Astrid to bring him back to his Exoplanet.
In this episode, kids will learn about extraterrestrials and planets outside of our solar system.

Big Bang Lab Episode

What am I feeling?

First day of school is always difficult, even worse for our superhuman! Let's experience all the complex emotions (e.g. happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear and love) and learn how to master them.

Calling for Gifted Little Scientists

Introducing Project Alpha, where we select elite students to join our 6-month accelerated training programme (incl. lessons, experiment projects, workshops, exhibitions) to become top scientists and leaders of the new generation.

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