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Play and have fun – If it’s not fascinating, it’s not science. Forget about learning science through textbook and memorizing. As developmental psychology demonstrates, play is at the heart of children’s learning. Guided play is a particularly rich way to support conceptual development in young children. Big Bang Academy’s unique approach of introducing science with stories, play and hands-on experiments aim to ignite the spark that children have for learning naturally.

Improve STEM literacy – In the 21st century, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has completely transformed our modern life and economy. Big Bang Academy aims to foster children’s interest and understanding in science and technology at an early stage. Founders of Big Bang Academy are graduated from University of Cambridge with degrees in Engineering and Natural Sciences respectively. By being passionate life-time learners, they want to promote science as a "way of thinking" that better equip children to become successful leaders.

Foster growth mindsets – Generally in our culture and education, easy success and short cuts are heavily valued. However, Big Bang Academy sees failure to be the critical element for learning. We encourage children to make their own hypothesis and experiment the ideas from their perspective. We offer a safe and supportive environment for children to fail and and use failure as stepping stones to improvement. Through our classes and workshops, students would develop a growth mindset that display resilience like the greatest scientists and inventors.